Abutters List Requests

                                                         FAQ about Certified Abutters List

 What is a Certified Abutters List?

A Certified Abutters List is a current list of abutters located within specified distance from a specific property as required by local bylaw or Massachusetts General Law. This list is used to notify these abutters of a future meeting / hearing to be held by a various elected Boards or Commissions regarding that property.

Why do I need to get a Certified Abutters List?

Many times when going before different boards and commissions such as Planning, Conservation or Zoning Board of Appeal, the governing board may require abutters to be notified of a possible change on the subject property in accordance with MA General Laws and the town’s local by-laws.

 What is the fee for a Certified Abutters List?

The fee is $20.00 for each board/parcel when requesting a list of abutters.

 What form of payment does the Town accept?

The Town accepts cash or check only. Checks can be made out to the Town of Douglas.  

Request can be returned in person, via mail or via e-mail to assessor@douglas-ma.gov

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