Bills Now Collecting

The Tax Collector's Office is currently collecting for the following bills:
  • Fiscal 2020 real estate and personal property tax bills.  
  • 1st quarter  is due on 8/1/2019 & 2nd quarter was due on 11/4/2019
  • 3rd quarter is due on 2/3/2020 & the 4th quarter is due on or before May 4, 2020
  • Demands will be issued on June 9, 2020.
  • Courtesy letters for the outstanding 2019 real estate taxes will be mailed: August 16th , in order to avoid advertising for tax title, payment must reach our office by Tuesday, September 17th by 6:00 PM.
  • Tax Title Advertisement scheduled for October 4, 2019 edition of the Blackstone Valley Tribune
  • Delinquent 2018 Real Estate and Whitin Reservior Water District taxes are now in Tax Title, please contact Treasurer for payment options
  • All delinquent personal property taxes have turned over to the Deputy Collector for further collection.
  • Any outstanding water and sewer charges billed prior to June 30 of 2019 that remain outstanding on October 30, 2019, will appear as a lien on your Fiscal 2020 3rd quarter Real Estate Tax Bill


  • Motor vehicle excise tax bills:
    • Commitment - 2019-Boat Bills are due in June
    • Commitment - 2019-1 1st warrant notice issued 5/7/19 due 6/7/19
    • Commitment - 2019-2 demand issued 5/16/19 due 5/31/19
    • Commitment - 2019-3 issued 5/28/19 -due 6/27/19
    • Commitment - 2018-7 1st warrant issued 5/7/19 due 6/7/19
    • Commitment
    • Commitment 
Please note any older Motor Vehicle Commitments are currently on warrant with Town's Deputy Tax Collector Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc., or have been marked at the RMV for non-renewal of drivers license or registration. Call 508-473-9660 for more information.