• Image of Dive rescue volunteer cutting into lake ice with saw
  • Image of eight men in scuba gear in pool for training
  • Image of two volunteers on the Dive Rescue boat in a lake
  • Image of volunteers standing around the boat for boat familiarization training
  • Image of sonar
  • Image of one diver in a river, with two guides close by
  • Image of white boat with red details on trailer
  • Image of GPS coordinates
  • Image of white truck with blue details
  • Image of two divers at the foot of a dam waterfall
  • Image of volunteers in discussion in front of truck
  • Image of instructor with divers
  • Image of volunteers training with scuba gear in a pool
  • Image of eight volunteers (from above) underwater in scuba gear in a pool
  • Image of volunteer sitting on land with headphones communicating with underwater diver
  • Image of diver in cold water scuba gear, sitting on ice hole in lake
  • Image of two volunteers standing on iced over lake with tethers into ice hole
  • Image of volunteer group outside an ice hole on lake

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