Public Event Recording

The Cable Coordinator shall periodically identify public events of community interest of which videotaping and broadcasting of those events may be beneficial to the community. For example, Douglas Octoberfest, the Memorial Day Parade, political candidate debates. For-profit events are not permitted, although paid fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations are permitted. Political events not open to participation by all equivalents (such as single-party or single-candidate events) are not permitted.

Meetings or presentations of a Town government body or personnel are classified as government programming thus not applicable to this policy.

Calendar of Events

A calendar of annual events shall be maintained by the cable coordinator. Additional one-time events may be added as appropriate and presented periodically to the Cable Committee and posted on the Town website.

Video Recording

Video recording and editing of these events shall be coordinated by the cable coordinator, and may include the use of Cable staff.

Recognizing public events are not necessarily acceptable to be video recorded, the coordinator shall obtain permission from the event management prior to videotaping the event. The Town of Douglas Cable Advisory Committee is the owner of both the raw and produced programming.

The event management shall be provided up to 3 DVD copies of produced event programming; additional copies may be provided upon request and based on available resources.This programming shall be broadcast on the public channel.