Policy & Procedure Development

The Cable Advisory Committee shall develop policies and procedures that are consistent with its mission statement and the Charge of the Board of Selectmen.

Public Review

All policies and procedures will be subject to public review for a period of no less than twenty-one days from first Committee discussion to Committee vote. Policies shall be in effect once approved by a majority of members present at an open meeting.

Emergency Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures of an emergency nature may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at an open meeting. All emergency policies and procedures take effect immediately and must be reported with explanation to the Board of Selectmen within seven days. Emergency policies and procedures will expire unless ratified by the Committee within sixty days of the date of adoption.

Discussion Notification

The Cable Advisory Committee shall notify the public of ongoing policy and procedure discussions through the use of an electronic webpage, town mailings, bulletin board postings, and/or other reasonable means.

Public Inspection

The Cable Advisory Committee shall maintain a current collection of policies and procedures available for public inspection in the Cable office, in both hard copy and electronic form.