Community Development


The Community Development Department (CDD) provides assistance to project applicants in navigating thru the state and local permitting processes by assisting them with the understanding of which permits may be needed for particular projects and with the interpretation of regulations. 

The department also assists board members, project abutters, parties in interest, and the general public understand the permitting process and their role in the permit application process. Since the creation of the Department in September of 2000, communication and coordination between the various departments on projects has significantly improved and results in a streamlined permitting process for the project applicant.

The CDD provides access to town bylaws, rules and regulations, reports, maps, GIS, engineering and survey information, technical assistance, preliminary application review thru "Tech-Review", and general guidance to project applicants and abutters to projects.

Department Composition

The Community Development Department is comprised of the Building Facilities and Construction Committee, Conservation Commission, Economic Development Commission, Open Space Committee, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals. The staff within the CDD includes the Community Development Director, the Conservation Agent, and the Principal Clerk. We welcome your questions and input.

Meeting Schedule

 Week             Monday     Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday
 1 Conservation Commission
   Zoning Board
 Economic Development
   Planning Board
 3 Conservation Commission
Open Space
   Planning Board