Zoom for Boards and Committees


  • Post your meeting/agenda with the Town Clerk cfurno@douglas-ma.gov within 48 hours of your meeting as per required by the MA Open Meeting Law:  https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2017/10/12/OML%20Text.pdf

  • Take the steps below to get you and your committee ready with the Zoom software.  Please copy and share this page address with anyone who will be joining:  https://douglas-ma.gov/530/Remote-Meetings

  • Town Clerk will alert Cable Dept of a need for a Zoom meeting.  Zoom meeting ID, link, and phone details will be provided to the Town Clerk for posting.  

  • Meeting links and information will be posted on the Douglas Online Calendar available here:  https://douglas-ma.gov/calendar.aspx?CID=14

  • Sign into Zoom a few minutes before the meeting and be ready to go "live" at the meeting time designated.  Use the link posted to the online calendar.

  • Chair/Co-Chair:  Upon entry, you will be made "host" which will allow you to have control over your Zoom meeting.  This allows you to mute/unmute and recognize folks who would like to participate in a way that you would in an in-person meeting as usual.  This also allows for protocols of "Executive Session" to be followed.   

    • Executive Session:  Please notify Cable staff of the intention of an executive session so that streaming/recording can be turned off.  Cable staff will then leave the meeting and the assigned Host of the committee will have controls until the end of the meeting.

  • Below is a short video explaining the Zoom controls as "Host".  Please familiarize yourself with the controls as Host prior to chairing any Zoom meeting.  


  • Due to a recently exposed security risk within the Zoom platform, the Committee should choose one member to have access to "screen sharing" within the meeting.  All presentation info should be managed through this designee in accordance with departmental protocols.  
  • Screen Sharing designees should be communicated prior to the beginning of the meeting by emailing cable@douglasma.org

ZOOM Meeting HOW TO:

Basic Install and Use (PC or Mac):


How Do I Join a Meeting (Video):


Getting Started (iOS):


Getting Started (Android):


Join A Zoom Through Dial-Up (Audio Only)