One Day Special License - Section 14

MGL c138(14) - Special Licenses to managers of indoor or outdoor activities.

Local Licensing Authorities may issue special license for the sale of wine / or malt beverages to a responsible manager of any indoor or outdoor activity or enterprise (for profit or non-profit). Special licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages may be issued to non-profit organizations only. No person may be granted special licenses for more than a total of 30 days per calendar year and no special license will be granted to any person while his application for an annual license under Section 12 is pending before the licensing authorities.

No more than one license can be issued for a premises at one time. Regulations can be found in 204 CMR 7.00 (see below)

Persons holding a special license must purchase alcoholic beverages from a licensed wholesaler / importer, manufacturer, farmer-winery, farmer brewery or special permit holder. A person holding a Section 14 license cannot purchase alcoholic beverages from a package store.  For the most recent list of authorized sources, go to the "One Day Permit" section of ABCC's Website under "Applying for a Special License or Permit".

Applicants, please download the application and checklist below. Fill in the application, print, sign, then return to the Selectmen’s office along with all items from the checklist.

Please allow at least three weeks for processing. The Board of Selectmen meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. All applications must be reviewed by other Boards / Committees / Departments. The review process will take about two weeks. Once reviewed; the application will be placed on the Board of Selectmen’s next agenda.   Once approved, the Local Licensing Authority shall notify ABCC of such approval in writing, no more than 10 days after approval.

One Day Special License Fees:

All Alcohol (Non-Profit Only) $35.00
Wine and Malt $25.00