Policy Development

The Cable Advisory Committee adopted the following as its Mission Statement on September 25, 2006:
  • To inform and educate the residents of Douglas by:
    • The recording and broadcast of local government meetings
    • Fostering the production of local events of special interest
    • Develop and enforce cable licenses in the best interest of the community
    • Make available video production technology and training to the public
    • Provide cable broadcast access to every Douglas resident
Following are the policies of the Douglas Cable Advisory Committee. If you have any comments or questions, on these policies, please contact us by email, by phone at 508-476-4000 extension 122, or by mail at:
29 Depot Street
Douglas, MA 01516

Policy Memo

From: Mitch Cohen, Vice Chair, Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
To: Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
CC: Douglas Board of Selectmen, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski
Re: Cable policy sampler
Date: July 12, 2006

The Cable Advisory Committee has been formally tasked with defining policies. To begin this process I have merged the policy documents I have collected into one large "sampler" document. The entire file, in PDF format, is 448 pages. In an effort to save trees I will arrange for the printing of a single copy of this large volume to be stored in Town Hall, and will make the PDF file available to you and all other interested parties via the town website. It will be placed in the Cable Programming section, or directly at http://www.douglasma.org/cable/.

All documents are current as of today, in that I gathered (or re-gathered) them today from the websites today and some via email very recently.

Information contained in this document represents a significant range in information and approach. Included are formal policy manuals, informal web pages, forms for airing programming, mission statements, etc. Also included are organizational bylaws for those communities who operate their Public Access programming through a 501c3 non-profit. While the bylaws as a whole are not applicable to us, some items within may be of benefit.

Information in this document has been gathered from the Public Access stations of Athol-Orange, Beverly, Billerica, Cape Cod, Carver, East Bridgewater, Falmouth, Framingham, Franklin, Hadley, Holliston, Newton, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Westborough, and Wilmington. They are presented in this order within the PDF file.

If you wish to focus on specific station's documents, I suggest starting with Shrewsbury, Newton, Plymouth, and Cape Cod - all stations of which are very highly regarded. I've had the pleasure of meeting all of these stations directors.

If you wish to review the websites of these or any other Public Access station, an excellent starting point is http://www.bevcam.org/peg/. You may also wish to visit http://www.alliancecm.org/ and http://www.massaccess.org/, two organizations of which we are members and that I've become involved in personally.

Before our next meeting we should all take a cursory review of these documents so we can begin to plan our own policy structure and development approach.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The Town of Douglas is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.