Common Victuallers

A Common Victuallers License is required under MGL Chapter 140(2) for any establishments that have the necessary implements for cooking, preparing and serving food for strangers and travelers, and a place to consume the food, i.e., chairs, tables, counters.

As outlined under MGL Chapter 140 (21e), the provisions do not apply to some charitable or religious organizations and clubs that are licensed under MGL Chapter 138(12) - On Premise Alcohol. Call the Selectmen's Office for more information.


New applicants, please download and print the new application packet (PDF). Complete the application using the enclosed checklist and return all required items to the Selectmen's Office.

Please note: All applications must be reviewed by other boards, committees, or departments. The review process will take about 2 weeks. Once reviewed; the application will be placed on the Board of Selectmen's agenda. The Board of Selectmen meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month so please plan accordingly.