Alcoholic beverages retail licenses are distinguished by where a patron may consume the beverages purchased, i.e. off the premises or on the premises. Off-premises licenses include package stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. There are 5 types of on-premises alcoholic beverages licenses: restaurants, clubs (or veterans club), hotels, taverns, and general on premises.

Retail alcoholic beverages licenses fall into five categories: all alcoholic beverages licenses, wine and malt beverages licenses, wine beverages licenses, malt beverage licenses, and wine and malt with cordials and liqueurs beverages licenses. These licenses may be issued seasonally or annually.

The number of licenses issued in Douglas are regulated under MGL chapter 138, section 17. Please contact the Selectmen’s Office for availability

To apply for a new Alcohol license or amend an existing one, go to the  Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) Website.   The ABCC requires all applicants to fill out the application online; download the application to your computer, open he file with Adobe, type in the required information, print the application, sign and then submit complete application with all other documents required by ABCC (listed on ABCC's Checklist), and all information listed on the Town of Douglas Checklist,  to the Selectmen’s Office for processing. Applicants must use the website to pay any ABCC fees as well.