Doorway to Local Government

The Town Clerk is the Chief Election Officer, Recording Official, Registrar of Vital Records (births, marriages and deaths), Public Records Official, Licensing Officer, Public Information Officer, Registrar of Voters, as well as, the State Ethics Commission Municipal Liaison.

The Town Clerk's Office serves as the Town of Douglas' keeper of all vital records and the town seal. The Clerk's office maintains custody of all vital documents and is responsible for issuance of same. We play a major role in assuring that all vital records housed in the Clerk's Office reflect accurate information. The Town Clerk's Office makes every effort to protect and preserve these records in an effort to avail the Douglas residents, as well as the public-at-large, access to their present and past personal information.

Keeping of vital records is only one part of the Town Clerk's responsibilities. The Clerk's Office maintains and houses records pertaining to local elections, state and federal elections, town meetings, Registrars of Voters, Voters information, town census, federal census, population information, animal licensing, campaign finance, street lists, town bylaws, business certificates, fuel storage permits, road layouts and descriptions, town accepted streets, raffle permits, (to name a few).

The Town Clerk is responsible for all elections, absentee ballots, preparation of ballots, voting equipment, voter lists, certification of nomination papers, initiative petitions and reports official elections results to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as overseeing the polling place and the conduct of all elections and elected related activity. The Town Clerk's Office takes pride in conducting honest and fair Town, State and Federal elections. In this accounting, we strive to ensure access and impartial assistance to all voters in the Town of Douglas. We hold mandatory voter registration sessions in order to assist residents who want to vote. In order to accomplish this task, we must always stay abreast and knowledgeable regarding ever-changing laws and procedures regarding the election process and to ensure comprehensive knowledge and compliance of the State and Federal election laws.

Other responsibilities include conducting a yearly census. This process is state mandated and served to assist the Town regarding funding and financial assistance. We make every effort to conduct a thorough and valid count of the residents in the Town of Douglas. During the process of conducting a yearly, accurate and compete census, we keep in mind that this fundamental information makes it way to our Federal and State governments and helps our Town to receive much needed financial relief.

The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for supplying continuing support in the arrangement and posture of Town Meeting. It is the sole responsibility of the Town Clerk to provide, at the close of Town Meeting, a complete and accurate accounting and representation of the proceedings and votes taken at the Town Meeting. This would also involve sending all amendments voted and approved at Town Meeting regarding the General By-Laws and Zoning By-Laws to the Attorney General for state approval.

The Town Clerk's Office issues state licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, business licenses (DBA's) and renewals, dog licenses, fuel storage licenses, raffle/bazaar permits, and request for public documents.

The Town Clerk's Office administers the oaths of office and maintains appointments and resignations of all Town Officials and bears the responsibility to ensure compliance with the State Open meeting law and Conflict of Interest Law with posting all public meetings and agenda's of all public meetings of government entities, as well as, complying with the State Ethics Commission to meet notification requirements to all public employees regarding Conflict of Interest Law education and mandatory training.

The Town Clerk's Office welcomes inquiries from all citizens seeking assistance/information in relation to services provided by the Town of Douglas.

Doorway to Local Government

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