Sunshine Club

                                                            Mission Statement:
 We are a nonprofit organization working on behalf of the Douglas Adult Social Center. We support the Adult Social Center by providing financial support for supplies, events, programs, and improvements that can not be covered by the center's limited budget but are important for the benefit of our adult community.


All meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at the Douglas Senior Center at 2 p.m. (except holidays). 


Stop in the center and check out the day trips posted on the white board. Trips will be scheduled according to interest. There is a sign up sheet with each day trip offered. Please check Sunshine Club Events for details about trips in motion.


The Sunshine Club is always looking for new members!  Anyone is welcome to join the club at anytime!


Visit our Sunshine Club Facebook Page


For more information on trips contact Pam Schwartz at the center(508)476-2283.