Assessor's Office:

Duties & Responsibilities

The Assessors’ office is committed to maintaining an assessment system that develops fair and equitable values for all classes of property. The Assessors are required by Massachusetts law to list and value all real and personal property within the town.

There is a variety of information available to the public. Assessors’ maps, property record cards and assessment values can be found in the office and online. 
 The office also processes deeds, and prepares certified abutters lists. The Assessors' maps are available online. 

 The Assessors have the authority to grant Real Estate and Personal Property abatements.

For general inquiries you can email us:


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  1. Christopher Pupka

    Principal Assessor
    Phone: 508-476-4000 xt. 212

  1. Jennifer Larson

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 508-476-4000 xt. 253

  1. Physical Address
    29 Depot Street
    Douglas, MA 01516

    Fax: 508-476-4012